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Rosh Chodesh Society

Rosh Chodesh Society

Life is tumultuous, like a ship crashing about on the waves of a roaring ocean storm. At times it can seem directionless, with unexpected challenges throwing us about in every which way. However, fortunate for us, buried within our tool-chest is an anchor we can cast to restore stability.

This course is about taking to heart life’s simple truths, the ones that empower us to overcome our everyday struggles; not by facing the challenges one by one, but by finding our center and aligning with our inner truth. 

It is a spiritual search for G‑d, but from a cosmopolitan, down-to-earth, and plain-spoken approach. It’s about training ourselves to see G‑d in the small miracles of everyday life and about gaining perspective when we’re in the gym, on the road, or in the kitchen.

In Simple Truths we grapple with fundamental Jewish viewpoints that profoundly shift our perspective. We train ourselves to see G‑d’s hand in every situation; and, where G‑d is discovered, challenge becomes opportunity, negative becomes positive, setback becomes turning point, and vulnerability and weakness become impetuses for growth and connection.

Cost per class: $12 | Member $10 | Free for Rebbetzin's Circle
Summer Social Couvert: $36 | Member $25 | Free for Rebbetzin's Circle

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It is only natural to want to enjoy life’s pleasures. At the same time, all the pleasures on earth cannot satisfy our inner craving for deeper meaning and purpose.

How are we to balance our inner tug toward all things pleasurable with our human need for meaning and spirituality? Are these desires mutually exclusive? Can they ever align in pursuit of a common goal? This lesson explores the intersection of these two potent human needs, to extract secrets to wholesome living from the wellsprings of Jewish teaching.

Enjoy a presentation by Anne Schimberg regarding the benefits of essential oil.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 | 7:15 pm



In a sand-swept Sinai some three and a half millennia ago, the Jewish nation received the Torah from G‑d. Ever since, Jews the world over have passionately dedicated themselves to its study. From eras ancient to modern, our people have endured tremendous sacrifices to study Torah, sometimes even surrendering their lives in this pursuit.

What is the value of Torah, and why does Judaism venerate its study above all else? This lesson explores the role of Torah study in Jewish life.

Enjoy an array of soups and learn to easily make them in your own home.

Thursday, December 8, 2016 | 7:15 pm



We are all creators, made in the image of G‑d, the ultimate Creator. But is the difference between our ability to create and G‑d’s merely a quantitative one?

This lesson unearths foundational principles of Jewish thought regarding G‑d’s creation of the world, unearthing ageless wisdom for reframing our approach to life’s obstacles, dealing with anxiety and doubt, and seeing the value in every moment.

Learn to create a delightful main dish to enhance your Shabbat table with Sadie Laufer.

Thursday, January 12, 2017 | 7:15 pm



To be human is to have an innate desire for greatness—a drive to pursue our noblest dreams, to actualize our highest potential.

In this lesson we will focus on how to capitalize on our strengths. We’ll learn how to draw upon the things about us that are fundamentally good, and transcend our self-perceived limitations to take them to the level of “great”—and, considering the vast reservoir of potential within us, there is never a limit to how great we can become.

Learn to make a gluten free dessert with Elizabeth Weber.

Thursday, February 9, 2017 | 7:15 pm



Low self-esteem can cast a damper on every area of our lives. How can we attain genuine happiness, confidence, and contentment when our personal mirrors forecast gloom? By extension, how can others feel comfortable around us when we are not comfortable in our own skins? This lesson extracts Judaism’s brightest diamonds on the development of self-image and self-worth, and demonstrates that we can only appreciate our intrinsic value when we fully understand the ultimate source of that worth.

Thursday, March 16, 2017 | 7:15 pm



Imperfection is human. Yet little makes us feel worse than our character deficiencies. Our less-than-noble thoughts and feelings lead to inner turmoil and lowered self-perception, hampering our motivation to grow and change.

How can we remain motivated toward change and uphold a positive view of ourselves while battling dejection over our constant struggles with our character flaws? This lesson explores how we can reframe our apparent deficiencies as inspiring pathways to personal growth, inner joy, and spiritual fulfillment.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 | 7:15 pm



If you assumed that Judaism was about being somber and sullen, you have not met the real deal.

This lesson demonstrates the extraordinary emphasis that Judaism places on being joyful, explores the role of happiness for the sake of personal well-being and success, and presents a step-by-step journey to achieving happiness based on a deeper appreciation of the purpose of life.

Thursday, June 8, 2017 | 7:15 pm